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Natalia Calaretu

She is not yet 2 years old and suffers from cancer of her throat and kidneys. Natalia was born in Bucharest, Romania, and lives with her family in modest circumstances. The family needs EUR 42,900 for treatment at the Memorial Hospital in Istanbul. Since the end of February 2022, a total of EUR 13,999 has been donated by 865 people and companies. You too can help so that Natalia has a chance to heal.

Upon request, we will send you all her medical records. Upon request, we can send you all her medical records. We deliberately refrain from any possible disturbing, such as sad pictures and videos, to protect you from being emotionally affected.

Donation barometer is usually updated monthly:

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If you would like to continue supporting the fundraiser, please print out the poster and distribute it in locations such as waiting rooms or club rooms. We are grateful for any help.

Examples of successful projects

Nagy Lorent-Stefan – 2 years old – had cancer in his bones, now he is healthy again. Thanks to your help of EUR 7,235 (from 401 donors) he was healed!

Maya Raducu – 6 years old – had kidney cancer, now she is healthy again. Thanks to your help of EUR 22’163 CHF (from 1’342 donors) she was cured!



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The association is tax-exempt in the canton of Zurich. These are the statutes.

The Swiss association Hope for Tomorrow does not implement any projects. For this reason it has no administrative expenses.

The donations received in Switzerland are sent monthly to the humanitarian association Speranta for Romania because it implements all the projects. The Hopeful Association for Romania sends all donations from Switzerland directly to the child’s parents. In other words, the donations received in Switzerland go entirely to the child’s parents.

The administrative expenses of the Hope for Romania association for donations received in Romania, primarily for paid ads on Facebook, are 30% (of which 3% for salaries).


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